Saturday, November 01, 2003

We need to stop generalizations like "the Saudis" do this or that.
Lets not start making excuses for another war of aggression al-qeada's goal is to overthrow the Saudi Kingdom. The Saudis are not attempting to aid al-qeda in attacking itself or its business partner the US. I would be very careful about this "go after the Saudis" talk. The involvement looks to be in the violent elements about the same as the US's involvement. So lets not distort things because I don't hear you saying lets "go after the Americans." In many respects this makes about as much sense. The Saudi Kingdom is intimately linked economically with the US and the Saudi Kingdom does not want to end the business relationship. The Saudi government does not have a reason to attack the US. The issues that bin Laden has are not an issues for the very fact that the Saudi kingdom decides to do the things bin Laden objects to. So bin Laden's complaint is that the US is backing the Saudi government. The American public has such a poor grasp of the issues that irresponsible talk like "going after the Saudis" is dangerous.
Just think a minute, bin Laden attacks the US because of the US support of Saudi Arabia in implementing polices of troops in Saudi Arabia. Also bin Laden doesn't think the kingdom is religious enough according to his tastes. If the Saudi government agreed with these bin Laden grievances then they simply would implement these polices. It is totally illogical to think that they would have to attack the main country that supports them in keeping their current polices. If they didn't want the polices they could end them. (talk as loose and vague as your is dangerous because the American public is dangerously ignorant. A freighting number of Americans don't even know why we were targeted by al-qeda. it is irrational and wrong to insinuate that the Saudi government has a goal of helping al-qeda attack the US) the issue of what individual people did what and what was happening in the interactions is something that has to be looked at fairly. I hear too many loose cannons like Michael Moore in effect giving excuses for more aggression with such a vague and unclear message. The US helped these fundamentalists too and at times with the Saudis and others. So lets not distort and selectively pick issues since that creates a false impression. What I see is talk like this as the early propaganda to lay the groundwork for more wars of imperialism.

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