Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Seems that people come on here desperately trying to defend the foreign policies and actions of the US. Seems they are ignorant of what agendas the US foreign policy makers serve. And it also seems that these people swallow every lie fed to them by our government.

Now the thing that gets me is fine someone may be wrong BUT when it is pointed out and proven you should have the integrity to admit it.

Here is just the latest example:

Someone here can't get it into their head that the "no fly zones" were illegal. At some point they quote a spokesman for the US Central Command who claims that UN Resolution 949 (15 Oct 1994) reinforced the legality of these no fly zones and that it bared Iraq from moving SAMs into the southern no-fly zone.

This person asks me "Why would the UN pass this resolution if the No Fly Zones were not condoned by them?"

OK fine, this person believes the spokesman YET the point is when I point out that UN Resolution 949 (15 Oct 1994) DOESN'T reinforce the "legality" of the no fly zones, that the resolution makes no mention of the no fly zones that the spokesman plainly lied - the person asking me disappears.

point after point is proven to these people and then they run away (and presumable continue repeating the same lies somewhere else)

It is one thing to have a wrong idea BUT is something else entirely to continue these dishonest tactics. When it is PROVEN to you that what you thought is indeed wrong, have the integrity to admit it will you please?

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