Thursday, October 23, 2003

You still have not responded to this: Notice how that contrary to the lie you were fed, Brzezinski admits that the US was stirring up the fundamentalists BEFORE the Soviet troops were there. Their lies don't bother you huh? You don't feel that the powers that be in America made a fool out of you?

<< Still don't know what "yellow rain" is? >>

a chemical. I knew, do you think that justifies using terrorism against the Afghani government before the Soviets intervened militarily?? You are desperately trying to make excuses for the US inflicting terrorism on the Afghanis. WHY IS THIS?
So what the Soviet military used after we started to inflict Afghanistan with foreign terrorists somehow makes everything done by the US OK?
What are you doing?
Being an American doesn't mean grasping at excuses for the actions of US policy makers. Was it OK what Enron did? Remember, they were Americans, you wouldn't want to be "anti-American" would you?

I have given you info that shows we were fed lies and that we supported terrorism. That we hurt the Afghanis horrible by subjecting them to what they called "the Arabs" (fundamentalist Islamist terrorists) And still you want to make excuses? I must be some world you live in, filled with self righteous excuses.

<< The trap is a reference to Vietnam, the trap we were pulled into. You have no sense of history do you? >>

Yes, I know and it was sick to do so. Notice that Brezinski says NOTHING about helping Afghanistan, he makes it clear that the motive is to give the Soviets a "trap" YET YOU CREATE THIS IDEA that "we must have been doing it for the good of the Afghanis"! you really are to much.

As far as Vietnam, hasn't enough time past for you to finally come to terms with the fact that what the US did was outrageously wrong? The 1954 Geneva agreements did not "partition" Vietnam but separated two military zones by a temporary demarcation line that "should not in any way be interpreted as constituting a political or territorial boundary," pending the unification elections of 1956 that were the heart of the accords. Elections were supposed to be held, unifying the country. The Geneva agreement divided into two zones, not two countries; our government lied about this. The US backed Diem who refused to go through with the 1954 provision calling for nationwide elections in 1956. THIS is going against democracy! Why did Diem refuse? Because he knew as did others that he would lose the election, President Eisenhower said that Ho Chi Minh would win 90% of the vote in a free election. The CIA supported the repressive Vietnamese ruling the South--who were not only repressive but were also greedy. WE HAD NO RIGHT TO DO THIS! (The Vietnamese have a right to govern themselves and vote for the system they want!) We blocked elections in Vietnam because it was obvious Ho Chi Minh was going to win there. If the majority of the people wanted Ho Chi Min, we HAD NOT RIGHT to attack Vietnam to undermine their decisions. The Kennedy administration escalated the attack against South Vietnam from massive state terror to outright aggression in 1961-1962. We were not 'defending' South Vietnam. As Chomsky says, "I have never seen in thirty years that I have been looking carefully, one phrase even suggesting that we were not defending South Vietnam. Now, we weren't: we were attacking South Vietnam. We were attacking South Vietnam as clearly as any aggression in history. But try to find one phrase anywhere in any American newspaper, outside of real marginal publications, just stating that elementary fact. It's unstable." footnote #10Understanding Power Chapter 2 Footnotes

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