Monday, October 13, 2003

Thomas Friedman is a dishonest manipulative bastard. Look how he attempts to deceive the American public about the motives behind the terrorism: Terrorists, he wrote in 1998 after terrorists attacked two US embassies in Africa, "have no specific ideological program or demands. Rather, they are driven by a generalized hatred of the US, Israel and other supposed enemies of Islam." This is bullshit. This is the same game that has been played by those that serve corrupt powers that create the terrorism backlash. When Nat Turner and fellow terrorists attacked in American in 1831, the press played the SAME GAME of denying what was behind the terrorism. Describing Nat Turner in 1831 the Richmond Enquirer wrote, "He was artful, impudent and vindicative, without any cause or provocation"
It is the same game they play baout 9/11.

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