Thursday, October 23, 2003

<< The US was fighting the spread of Communism, not attempting to spread fundamentalist Islam. >>

First of all, the Afghani system at the time was an incredible advancement for the Afghanis.
Second, the "fight against the spread of Communism" was immoral and outrageous. If people want a different system of government, they have the damn right to have one. The US has no right to attack foreign countries whose only "crime" is a different economic system.

<< Zbigniew Brzezinski was right. >>

You should be ashamed of yourself. After 9/11 your comment is really offensive, do you have ANY sense of decency?

You danced around the fact that the US inflicted Afghanistan with thousands of foreigners with a fundamentalist agenda. You don't want to admit it but yes the US did spread fundamentalist Islam.
You are in denial.

<< those silly muslims, they just didn't know what was best for them, they opposed secular Communism being forced on them, >>

Whoa, who the hell is "them"? Did you read the article or not? Did anyone ask us to topple the Afghani government using terrorism? Did anyone even ask us to topple the government by any means at all?
Where do you get this stuff that "the Muslims" wanted us to do what we did?

Even if you wanted to do something outrageous like change the political system against the wishes of the NATIVE people, Your "logic" that "gee whiz, I guess we have to use fundamentalists to do it" is CRAZY. Do you realize how insane it is what you are arguing? That is like looking at a certain situation in the US and making the leap of "guess we have to pump up the Mob to handle this".

After 9/11 can't you for a moment use your head and see the evil that the US inflicted on the Afghanis? Did you like the way 9/11 felt? No? Then why do you think the Afghanis would like it? YES the terrorists killed teachers and other civilians that were bringing modernity. GREAT JOB US PLANNERS!! It is a fact that the US recruited ex-Nazis, we can see that with the Afghanistan example US policy makers had no trouble using ruthless tactics for selfish goals. Did you miss the point Brzezinski never said the secret plan was to benefit the Afghanis? (You are too much the way you assume it "must have been for the benifit of the Afghanis since the US was doing it" EVEN AFTER YOU READ THE WORDS OF A MAIN PLANNER OF THE DIABOLICAL PLAN!!

what is this fanatical devotion to US policy makers? You really are incredibly brainwashed!! Even when you see the facts right in front of you, you can't stop falling over yourself making excuses for these men! Why? Because these men managed to get themselves into position of US policy making? So then the automatically become noble and good? You don't even mind being fed lies (like that we were responding to Soviet troops invading when the truth was we financed and trained terrorists to draw the Soviets in. why the hell are you going to start using your head?

Where do you get all these assumptions? Notice how that contrary to the lie you were fed, Brzezinski admits that the US was stirring up the fundamentalists BEFORE the Soviet troops were there. Their lies don't bother you huh? You continue along without skipping a beat. Seriously, it doesn't bother you that we were lied to? You totally ignored the massive deception!

<< Communism and leftists like Hitler killed more in the last century than we will ever know >>

Before WWII we supported Hitler in order to undermine Communism. And Hitler was not a "leftist".

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