Wednesday, October 22, 2003

<< However, you just can't get around the fact that the policies Bin Laden said the US held that he objected to were WRONG! >>

No Cookie. You made this "fact" up. Show me a link where bin Laden complains about a policy that the UShas nothing to do with and says the US is to blame for it.

Just because bin Laden complains about a particular thing it doesn't mean that everything he complains about he is saying the US is at fault. Show me a link to your "proof."
<< Because I proved to you that Bin Laden was wrong >>
Again, no you haven't.

<< But the ONLY ones Bin Laden got right were our support for Israel and the fact we had a military presence in Saudi Arabia. All the others were wrong. >>

we don't prop up undemocratic and oppressive leaders?

<< That means it was NOT our policies that led to his desire to attack us after all. >>
this is not logical at all. If bin Laden mistakenly thought that the US was guilty of a specific policy and it turns out the US isn't, it doesn't mean he isn't reacting to what he thinks is US policies.
you seriously need to take a class in basic logic.
What you are saying doesn't make sense at all.
Bin Laden says and the FBI says that Al-Qeada are reacting to specific foreign polices.

<< that we need to alter our policies in favor of murderous thugs >>

Whoa whoa don't sell that crap here. The polices are wrong. Those polices are wrong whether we were attacked because of them or we weren't. The polices don't become good just because we were attacked over them.
Should we have never ended salver because some slaves dared to use terrorism? Use your head.
bin Laden said: "The Western regimes and the government of the US bear the blame for what might happen. If their people do not wish to be harmed inside their very own countries, they should seek to elect governments that are truly representative of them and that can protect their interests."
So does that mean we shouldn't seek to elect governments that are truly representative of our interets? ANSWER THAT PLEASE. SHould we not seek truly representative leaders since bin Laden called for us to do so?

<< You are an apologist for Bin Laden >>

I never made excuses for bin Laden. The method (terrorism) and the governmental agenda is not something to support. The difference is I say is the method and governmental agenda was always something not to support. You guys make excuses for when the US supported the same agenda: funding and training terrorist to attack the progressive government of Afghanistan in order to establish a fundamentalist government.

Insisting on legal and moral actions from US policy makes is not "despising America." It is no more "despising America" than insisting that other members of our society obey the law and act morally. Is it "despising America" to point out that Enron was crooked? Of course not. Don't sell such a foolish idea that when people get into government that they must be excused for any actions they are responsible for.

Your tactic of labeling people that insist on proper and moral conduct in carrying out US polices of the government is really sick and stupid. Was it "despising America" to say that Clinton should not have lied? Of course not. For God sakes could you make a damn effort to act decently and honestly?
Bush lied to American about why we were attacked.

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