Sunday, October 19, 2003

<< The U.S.-led occupation authority is taking initial steps toward selling off the first of Iraq (news - web sites)'s scores of state-owned companies to investors, but will stick to small enterprises until a sovereign Iraqi government takes over the job, >>

I hope people can see that this selling of these companies can certainly wait until the Iraqis themselves are running their own government. this is so oblious that I would hope everyone can see it. The life and death needs can be addressed now but there is no necessity to grab these companies. It is plunder by the powerful, pure and simple. It is insane to insist that these decisions can't wait until the Iraqis can make them for themselves.

MOST of the media is not making this clear to the public. This is imposing things on people and ripping them off. Kucinich saved his city Millions of dollars bt not doing what these guys are doing to Iraq. (part of the influence of the powerful is Kucinich isn't getting heard by most Americans)This is what our soldiers were used for.

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