Wednesday, October 22, 2003

<< Why is it that the media just lately has begun to bring up issues about Bush that we all knew a long time ago, but the media never used it against him during the last year? >>

Because it isn't about one man. The media is still operating within the parameters of the two major parties and those parties operate within parameters that the rich and powerful want.

So the media isn't telling the whole truth. When confronted with such a clear case of lies about WMD in front of everyone reporters are simply responding to that. what they haven't said is the war was illegal. what they haven't said is it violated US law as well since according to our Constitution a treaty we sigh becomes law of the land. O the media is still serving big power. the media is doing what it did in Vietnam, calling for the war to be fought better and worrying about some costs and lives. what the media hasn't done is show that it is indeed imperialism. examples don't make it into the nightly news. The main thing is those in power got the war they wanted and you notice that the top Democratic presidential candidates all want to continue the imperialism. Only Kucinich calls for an end to this and CNN gave him the least amount of time in the debates when supposedly they were to get equal time. The media is still serving the dominate forces. Enough time has passed since 9/11 that some feel more brave to nibble around the corners. Publishers were unwilling to publish a book like David Corn's a year a go. YET THE MEDIA HASN'T PICKED UP ON ONE OF THE LIES IN THE BOOK: Bush lied about why we were attacked. (this lie serves the dominate forces so it doesn't get exposure. ) The medai responds to power and Democrats have made the WMD an issue so it does get play. Even though the media questions WMD, notice the media isn't questioning the imperialism, the media plays along with the idea that the US has noble intentions.

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