Saturday, April 10, 2004

i got this email "among wire simple brick"
with this content:

" business eye make sky secretary of meal through different net agreement female angle slip view plane peace jelly person plough

V I C O D I N and X A N E X C I A L I S

apple jump credit wool interest so match judge space scale selection goat kettle digestion card complete deep potato make test cork unit conscious possible roll narrow drink second who system government invention safe normal still change simple shake solve able look send government trousers hook manager mist as night jewel tree coat grain"

So now they just send gibberish to sell drugs? Is this target marketing to people that are on something when they read their email? I don't remember getting this sort of thing before. I recall tricks like emails with subject lines like "Hey" and things like that but I haven't seen this.

And I sometimes get email that is not my email address. It looks like it was sent to someone else but I got it. They were ads too, I never got one that was a regular email. Is this also kind of guerilla marketing?

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