Friday, April 02, 2004

I was never excited about Dean's campaign. I walked aroung the Dean rally in NYC with a sign critical of Dean. Dean Come CLean It featured a quote from Dean about Bush:
"The President (Bush) deserves praise for rallying the spirits of our people after September 11 and for some of the measures he and others in his Administration have taken since. I know they are sincere, and that they want what is best for our country and the world. "-Howard Dean 2/17/03

Bush lied to America about why we were attacked, he doesn't deserve praise for God sakes!  Dean intends on continuing the corrupt foreign policies that serve the same special interests that Bush serves. The same special interests that Bush lied to American for. That should make everyone really think.

When I did talk to some Dean people at a "Dean meetup", some people got what I was saying. One woman turned to her friend and asked, "would you ever say that about Bush?" (the positive comment that Dean said) Well for most people agaisnt Bush the answer is no, so who was Dean really representing?

Being agianst a war that already happened does not mean much. If you looked forward and compared what Dean wanted to do and Bush wanted to do, Dean was more of a hawk wanting MORE troops in Iraq and to stay LONGER. Whose interests was Dean serving?

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