Friday, April 30, 2004

Laura writes, " It boggles my mind that anyone can still defend bush.
Also if we are to prevent future attacks it is very important to know what mistakes or incompetence lead to the 9/11 attacks. The real issue is do you care more about the country or saving bush's ass?"

Great point Laura. Bush received warnings that bin Laden was determined to attack the US. We now know Bush and his team were more interested in planning for a war with Iraq so they did not act on the warnings. That is not a leader. After the first plane hit the WTC, Bush continued with his plan to go to a children's classroom where he read a book about a pet goat. That is not a leader. After being told about the second plane hitting the WTC, Bush continued to sit in the children's classroom listening to a book about a pet goat.That is not a leader. He just sat there when we were under attack. He sat there for at least 6 minutes and by some reports 11 minutes. That is not a leader.
He fought the attempts to hold a commission and when the commission asked him to testify the shit said he could only give them an hour. Eventually he testified but Cheney had to hold his hand. That is not a leader.

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