Friday, January 14, 2005

Anonymous libels, "Tom your anti-semitism is showing."

Typical tactic directed at those pointing out the truth. You should be ashamed at yourself.

Anonymous plays games and asks, "What exactly does Israel have to do with ..."

Who the hell mentioned most of the things you listed?

Anonymous claims, "in Laden in his 98 Fatwa ... LIED. And said that Clinton supported the Serbians in killing Muslims."
No he didn't, you are the liar. Readers here can ascertain for themselves who the liar is by checking the source. Check the 1998 Fatwa and see if "Anonymous" is lying or telling the truth. (he is lying but check for yourself)
Readers may be shocked that people like "Anonymous" have the chutzpah to lie as they do but sadly this is how it is. As the Israeli Professor Tanya Reinhart has written, “It is still difficult for many to believe that a deception of such magnitude is possible. Deceptions and false declarations have been the standard in the politics of the powerful, and certainly are in Israel’s policy toward the Palestinians from the start.”

As far as the ugly tactic of libeling people "anti-Semitic" who tell the truth about issues related to Israel, I point to Shulamit Aloni, former Knesset member to explain what that tactic is about: "well it is a trick, we always use it"

And Anonymous' claim that the US has "pushed for peace between the Palestinians and Israel" is disgusting. The US has blocked peace and has vetoed peace agreements for decades. I can see why many readers would find this difficult to believe because these facts get suppressed in the US. To give one example, the 1976 peace offer, backed by virtually the entire world and accepted by the Palestinians. "It was opposed by Israel and vetoed by the US, thereby vetoing it from history." Powerful interests can suppress major facts in order to distort the history.

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