Thursday, January 13, 2005

Kevin writes, "You're splitting hairs and you know it. "

Kevin, I am not splitting hairs at all. These facts are glaringly obvious to anyone that takes an honest look at them.

Kevin writes, "For 12 years the UN sat on its hands while reaping millions of dollars in pay-offs for the oil-for-food program."

The oil for food program wasn't even in existence for 12 years. This is the problem with mainstream media and the general public's ignorance. It is extremely tedious to have to explain every single point to people unaware that that they don't know what they are talking about. The oil for food program was set up after 500,000 children had already died under sanctions. Children's deaths that Madeleine Albright thought were "worth it." The deaths and misery caused by the sanctions is one of the reasons bin Ladin is angry with the US.

The oil for food program was set up in late 1996. And UN oil-for-food blame is shared

By the way, the US violated International law every step of the way during the last 12 years. To suggest that the US was upholding the law is grotesque.
From the illegal no fly zones to violating the very premise of the UN sanctions! "While the sanctions were supposed to be removed when Iraq disarmed, both the Bush I and Clinton administrations repeatedly said we would not allow them to be lifted until Saddam was ousted, whether or not Iraq disarmed." That undermines the entire thing!!!!!! You can't possible think what the US has done is on the level. And by the way, how did the Ba'ath party get into power in the first place? Notice mainstream media was unwilling to report this?

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