Sunday, March 20, 2005

"debunking the idiots" wrote, "But look at it this way. If I said that only fourteen people died at the Battle of Gettysburg, although explicitly pointing out that those fourteen people died miserably, while claiming that all the other deaths were part of some historical conspiratorial fraud, wouldn't you be justified in calling me a "Gettysburg denier" for having denied the central facts of the battle?"

I wrote, "Fourteen people!?! You have totally distorted the whole thing, and proved my point."

"debunking the idiots" asked, "How about pointing out the distortion, instead of merely making a claim?"

debunking the idiots, when you use a number extremely low like fourteen as an example of a "Gettysburg denier" you prove my point. 14 out of the total deaths at Gettysburg? (there is not complete agreement on the total deaths but we could use the total of 10,000) " At least 10,000 soldiers were killed or mortally wounded in the three-day Battle of Gettysburg." -Killed in Action:  Eyewitness Accounts of the Last Moments of 100 Union Soldiers Who Died at Gettysburg

Lipstadt must have given you the wrong idea of what Irving thinks the total number of Jews is who died in the Holocaust. You can't think it is fair to equate 14 out of 10,000 to something between 1,000,000 out of 6,000,000 to 4,000,000 out of 6,000,000. Come on! Lipstadt clearly has libeled the man if you think that the percentages between those comparisons are anywhere close. Take what Irving said the number of deaths were at the least: 1,000,000. Do you realize that you are saying that 17% of the total is about the same as estimating 0.14% of the total? Using that percentage, you think Irving thinks only 8,400 Jews died in the Holocaust????

Clearly, the term "Holocaust Denier" libels Mr. Irving. An honest look at the facts shows this to be the case. It is dishonest and manipulative to call Irving a "Holocaust Denier. " Clearly people are deceived about what Irving actaully says about the Holocaust. This person calling themsleves "debunking the idiots" posting on Libstadt's blog makes the comparison of a "Holocaust Denier" with that of a hypothetical "Gettysburg Denier". In the example, the hypothetical "Gettysburg Denier" thinks only 14 people died at the Battle of Gettysburg!! Do you see how extremely unfair that is to Mr. Irving? Do you see that Lipstadt has libeled Irving since this is the false impression people are getting when they hear Lipstadt's term?

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