Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Shlomo Morel Must Stand Trial for Crimes Against Humanity

At the end of World War II, thousands of Jews set up 1,255 concentration camps for German civilians -- German men, women, children and babies. There Jews beat, whipped, tortured and murdered the Germans. "Why, then, for fifty years did people suppress the news of Shlomo Morel? I'd have thought that a man who commanded a concentration camp, who Jews and Germans testified killed thousands of prisoners, who was wanted in Poland but who fled to the Middle East - I'd have thought that Shlomo's story was well worth telling, but Shlomo's not German but Jewish, he didn't flee to Syria but Israel, and for almost fifty years not one American newspaper mentioned him." p 176 "An Eye for an Eye" John Sack But still to this day, there are people in positions of influence and power who sit on their hands and do nothing to help bring Shlomo Morel to justice. What did you know and when did you know it Ms. Lipstadt? Poland is demanding the extradition of Shlomo Morel. Israel continues to refuse, the hypocrisy is disgusting. Why are people in Jewish Studies and Holocaust Studies doing nothing about this man who is accused of crimes against humanity, a Jewish man accused of the deaths of hundreds of Germans in a postwar detention camp? This is happening now: "Morel, 86, faces charges of crimes against humanity in relation to more than 1500 inmates at a camp in southern Poland, many of whom perished in "barbaric" circumstances." - January 3, 2005 The Sydney Morning Herald John Sack also exposed the ugly fact that many acted to suppress the book An Eye for an Eye. It got even uglier for John Sack.

"People say they'll sue me, they'll destroy me, they'll kill me. One man takes my driver's license, writes down my address, and says, "If you write about me, I will call the Israeli Mafia."", John Sack reveals.

This isn't the first time I have heard about Jews doing this to Americans, threatening with the use of Israeli force to silence Americans. This vicious tactic some Jews have used against Americans in order to scare them into not talking. Threats of violence or death if they dared talk about things that Jews think puts them in a bad light. In fact, communicating on Craigslist, someone made a similar threat to me about contacting the Mossad. Another time, for daring to point out historical facts about Israeli hijacking, someone emailed me threatening to cut off my fingers. I forwarded that email to the FBI.

Talking with people I get a sense that these manipulations and threats have made an impact on American society with respect to what Lipstadt would call "moral authority." I have talked with people who think Jews simply would not commit crimes against humanity as opposed to other groups that would! Average people deprived of the chance to hear about certain facts, like the horrific concentration camp crimes of Shlomo Morel, end up with a distorted view of the world.

This is the threat I received: "i will be there soon... and soon you shall not have fingers to type with... see you in a few. "
That threat emailed to me was for posting this information:
"The first airplane hijacking in the Middle East also falls outside the canon: Israel’s hijacking of a Syrian airways civilian jet in 1954, with the intent “to get hostages in order to obtain the release of our prisoners in Damascus,” who had been captured on a spy mission in Syria (Prime Minister Moshe Sharett). Sharett accepted the “factual affirmation of the US State Department that our action was without precedent in the history of international practice.” In October 1956, the Israeli air force shot down an unarmed Egyptian civilian plane, killing 16 people including four journalists, in a failed attempt to assassinate Field Marshall Abdul Hakim Amar, second to President Nasser, at a time when the two countries were not in a state of war. This was a preplanned operation, thus unlike Israel’s downing of a Libyan civilian airliner with 110 killed as it was lost in a sandstorm two minutes flight time from Cairo, towards which it was heading. This February 1973 action took place while Israeli airborne and amphibious forces were attacking Tripoli in northern Lebanon, killing 31 people (mainly civilians) and destroying classrooms, clinics, and other buildings in a raid justified as preemptive. All of this was (and is) dismissed as insignificant, if even noticed. The reaction to Arab terrorism is quite different." Israeli terrorism

Read about another death threat, this one targeting a journalist by the name of Alison Weir. Libelous accusations were made as well.


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All evidence points to the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia being the real perps of 9-11. The Controlled major Mass Media only sees fit to print what the Jews agree with.

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