Sunday, March 13, 2005

The self described liberal going by the name praktike complains, "Do we really need a big report to determine this?"

praktike is complaining that people would want to do a report to determine "the potential influence exerted on the intelligence community, and possible manipulation of intelligence itself, by the Bush administration."
praktike apparently is so subservient to power that he is annoyed that anyone would dare examine how the powerful manipulate the system.

I explained to praktike that we don't want these kinds of things to continue endlessly. You really don't want to confront the wrongs of US officials, you really love sweeping things under the rug.

praktike wrote,"thinking, c'mon, is there anyone who genuinely does not believe that the Bush administration hyped the threat, went beyond the intelligence, etc.?

I reply:
You really distort things for yourself. Yes there are MANY people that don't get it.
And it is important to point out that the intelligence was distorted because "Nuances, qualifications and caveats were dropped" MOST people think that people simply got it wrong as opposed to an intentional distortion and omission of the intelligence reports. There was so much pressure to find an excuse for the war that original intelligence assessments were removed from final reports.

and even if there were WMD, the war was illegal! We are supposed to be a nation of laws. Why are so many people ignorant of these basic facts? Well it is largely because the so called "liberal media" didn't report the fact that the US violated laws which we are bound to uphold by our own Constitution. Our Constitution makes it clear, those that rush to support the Iraq war ignorantly violate the fundamental basis of America. The sad fat is that the thousands that swore oaths to the US Constitution have violated that oath. Yes folks, we signed the UN CHarter which is an international treaty and the Constitution explicitly states that treaties become law of the land. (those serving power sweep this fact under the rug)

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