Friday, November 11, 2005

Ibin Thinkin,
Thanks for the response. I hope you will consider reading Chomsky's book Imperial Ambitions

I am working to get basic facts out to the public. The fraud that I pointed out is not the only example. I am watching Karen Hughes on C-SPAN play the same deceptive game. The game she is playing at the hearing I am watching is a denial of what the U.S. policies actually are in the Middle East. Journalist Chris Hedges and others have witnessed Israeli troops intentionally murdering children. And what Hedges and others have witnessed has been documented by an Israeli human rights group and has been confirmed by Israeli soldiers admissions. These facts matter. Please read my post on this. When people see the U.S. supporting these things they get angry. People like Karen Hughes deny what it is that motivates the terrorists and militants that attack U.S. military and civilians.

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