Saturday, November 05, 2005

Lying to get us into war
The National Security Agency has kept secret since 2001 a finding by an agency historian that during the Tonkin Gulf episode, which helped precipitate the Vietnam War, N.S.A. officers deliberately distorted critical intelligence to cover up their mistakes, two people familiar with the historian's work say. NSA Still Covering Up Gulf of Tonkin Lies

The mainstream media did not remind the public that our government lied to us to get us into the Vietnam war and continued to lie to us about the war. All the comparisons the MSM made was about if it is being fought good or not, NOT about the fact it was a lie, not that it was immoral and wrong.

And they are still at it. New details about intelligence LIES about the Gulf of Tonkin were revealed, but MSM was not interested. Odd for a "liberal media" right? David Porter points out, "Did you catch one of the biggest news stories of the past 40 years?
Don't feel bad if you missed it earlier this week, because most of the news media -- this newspaper included -- didn't give that report the attention it demanded."
First casualty: Truth
Porter writes, "when the revelations on the Gulf of Tonkin incident came out earlier this week, much of the news media didn't spend much time or ink on it."

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