Sunday, November 06, 2005

U.S. Still Harboring Brutal Terrorist

We should not use torture and we should not harbor terrorists that have carried it out on a large scale.

Treating people decently instead of supporting terrorists would go a long way in solving our problems.

The Amendment was a good start, I agree with Senator McCain.

How about we work to get the son of a bitch Emmanuel Constant extradited so he can stand trial for his horrible crimes?

If we are to be noble people and a nation of laws we need to get our CIA under control and stop them from using terrorism as a tool of economic subordination. Look at the horrific crimes that U.S. policy makers have carried out against Haiti. Chomsky mentions Constant in his book Imperial Ambitions.

If you guys are angered about being "too soft" on terrorists, what do you think of our government officials who claim that they can't extradite this brutal rapist because he wouldn't get "treated fairly"?

The media helps to keep these crimes going. The article's title should have been "U.S. Still Harboring Brutal Terrorist" but here is the AP article:Haitian Women Sue Former Strongman

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