Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bloomberg is a total hypocrite

It's ironic to hear the mayor, for one, bleating about the rule of law and how "no negotiations should proceed until this illegal, selfish strike ends." This is the same law-abiding civic leader who bragged in "Bloomberg on Bloomberg" (p. 59-60) that breaking the law was just part of his inspired path to riches.- The New York City Transit Strike: It's About Respect...and Solidarity by Michael Hirsch

"Among old McDonald's hamburger wrappings and mouse droppings," the former media giant bragged, "we dragged wires from our computers to the keyboards and screens we were putting in place, stuffed the cables through holes we drilled in other people's furniture -- all without permission, violating every fire law, building code, and union regulation on the books. It's amazing we didn't burn down some office or electrocute ourselves. ... Back in the good old days, we transported the equipment in the back seat of a yellow taxicab. Import/export regulations? We just carried it into the next country in our luggage." p.50-60, Bloomberg on Bloomberg

Bloomberg bitches about working class people who are trying to hold on to what they got (keep pace with inflation and holding onto pension benifits for others) yet this creep broke the law in his lust to become a billionaire.

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