Friday, December 02, 2005

I talked about specific facts that you are too cowardly to address. I said that MSNBC neglected to say why the hostages were taken. I said most of the media acts this way. What we did to the Iranians was a crime. You should look into it. In fact it isn't even denied at this point, the US officially admits they perpetrated the coup. What they haven't done is apologize. In 1979 there was a real concern by the Iranians that the US would once again re-install the Shah. The very building the students seized was the building the CIA used to perpetrate the 1953 coup.

At the very least a people have the right to hold their own leaders responsible for the crimes the commit agisnt them The Shah was guilty of enormous human rights violations, many were killed too. What doe the US do? it gives him sanctuary. It wasn't "whimpiness" it was jerkyness on the part of US policymakers. what right do we have to shelter a criminal from his own peoples desire to bring him to justice? For the life of me I don't understand why you think it is OK for the US to meddle in the internal politics of these foreign countries and violate their rights. We are a country that fought to free ourselves from a king and US policymakers go and undermine a democratic government and instal a king!?! And you don't think that US policymakers violate the very principles we supposedly stand for? The example of slavery is to show that policies can be extremely wrong and still there will be people like you that refuse to see that fact. Look how the policy of slavery violated the very principle of freedom, which is what America supposedly stood for. There were many AMericans who said the abolitionists were just noise generators too.

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