Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Chomsky talks about the New York Times' extreme bias in reporting on Israel. Writing about the withdrawal of the illegal settlers that Israel had living in Gaza, the NYT "reported the anguish of the settlers that'll have to leave." Chomsky gives an analogy of how distorted and manipulative the NYT reporting really is, with such an off the wall bias in favor of the illegal Israeli settlers: "it's kind of as if the reporting has been -- as if, say, you know, I broke into your house, took over the whole house, finally agreed -- tortured you, you know, stole everything from you and so on, and then agreed to leave you the attic and the cellar, but keep the rest of the house. And it's -- I do that with great anguish, because I don't want to leave the attic. I kind of liked it. I mean, that's the way it' being reported. It's scandalous." - Noam Chomsky on Iraq Troop Withdrawal, Haiti, Democracy in Latin America and the Israeli Elections

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