Saturday, April 15, 2006

Noam Chomsky Video
See clips and transcripts of Tom Murphy's Interview with Noam Chomsky December 2005
These internet clips are poor video quality because the images were taken by recording the TV screen which was playing a VHS recording of the orignial tapes. The video for the internet clips was made by capturing the image off the TV screen with a Canon PowerShot 520. But the planned video of the interview will look really good once I get the proper equipment to edit it. I just threw these clips together with the equipment I had, it was the easiest way to get the video I shot from analog to digital and into my Mac. The interview was done with two cameras, 8mm Analog and Hi8 Analog. I needed to get the analog video digitized and into my Mac with a fire wire
When I get the proper equipment (with your help) I can edit together the final video and it will look much better. I put these clips up on the web just to give people a sample of the interview.

If had had a big budget, I would like to get the Sony HDR-FX1 3-CCD HDV High Definition Camcorder. I could record the tapes into it and then get the video into my Mac by firewire.
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