Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Bombing Iran is not only illegal and unjust, it is an unacceptable risk. The risks of "stopping Iran" are greater than not "stopping Iran." It isn't just my opinion that the risks that come with military actions against Iran are unacceptable. Look at the conclusion drawn from war-game simulations of attacking Iran. The final conclusion after running through many options was expressed by General Gardiner, a simulations expert at the U.S. Army's National War College:

"After all this effort, I am left with two simple sentences for policymakers," Sam Gardiner said of his exercise. "You have no military solution for the issues of Iran. And you have to make diplomacy work.""

The CIA and DIA have war-gamed the likely consequences of a U.S. pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. No one liked the outcome. As an Air Force source tells it, ‘The war games were unsuccessful at preventing the conflict from escalating.‘” I HOPE BUSH LISTENS! But the Bush Administration OFTEN IGNORES advice from intelligence.

The example of the USSR is an important one to analyze. The biggest close call was because of U.S. policy maker's recklessness and aggression toward Cuba. We don't want to repeat the same kind of mistakes. And the sick part is President Kennedy didn't know about the hypocrisy of U.S. nukes already based a mere 150 miles from Soviet boarders, in Turkey.

As far as the habits of other nuclear countries, the U.S. and Israel are heavily involved in terrorism. The U.S. has inflicted massive amounts of terrorism against Cuba, just one example. And the hypocrisy is incredible. Look at the case of Orlando Bosch. The U.S. Justice Department, which was overruled by Bush I, complained that the U.S. harboring Bosch put the public interests at risk because "the security of this nation is affected by its ability to urge credibly other nations to refuse aid and shelter to terrorists." Look also at the shameful case of the Cuban 5.

We also need to look at what Israel actually is, and it isn't pretty. For example, if all the people living in Israel had equal rights, the same rights we demand for ourselves, that would be the destruction of Israel by definition. Keeping in place a system of discrimination based on religion is not something Americans should risk their lives for. Keeping in place a system of injustice is not something Americans should support. Should the Confederacy have been wiped off the map?


Anonymous said...

The Third Reich collapsed in their efforts at world domination owing to one problem, the problem that sent them into Russia and divided their forces. They ran out of gas. Had Germany secured the oil fields at Baku on the Caspian Sea they would likely have been unstoppable. At least until hubris consumed them as it does all empires.

Apparently Dick Cheney read some history to inCurious George and they made every effort to protect their financial interests unlike grandaddy Prescott and UBC (closed for trading with the enemy in 1942) who lost big when their trading partner (Germany) lost bigger.

Make no mistake. We are in WWIII. First strategic move, "Filler Up". Iraq as a gas tank is good for US plans (if somehow any good can be ascribed to this) but Iran can still fill up the other pretenders to America's goal of proving how much better we are than everybody else, so we must prevent anyone else from pulling up to the pump. A couple of nukes should work fine.

Then, we all die.

War - The ultimate Faith based initiative.

Wisdom - What you get when you rely on fact and reason.

Remember - In peace or in pieces

Bush doesn't stand for War
He lies for it


Knee oh

Ministry of Truth said...

This is getting worse everyday: we MUST spread the truth about 911, send this article to every email u have:


Anonymous said...

at this point, it's too late. war IS coming. realize that i am just another dweeb on the net, so i have 0 cred. having said that, i've had 'visions?', flashes? whatever of what it will be like. i've seen the area im in burned blackened and mostly fallen down. dark skies and nothing living.

reminded me of the future scenes in the first terminator. always darkish, just rubble remaining. it will happen.

but... when it gets darkest, things will change. and i don't mean that in a 'jesus is coming' way. the current generations on this planet can't comprehend what a global war is like. think ww1. just a mass meatgrinder. once that has sunk into the global consciousness enough (4-5mil dead) it will stop.

think of the old line, "what if they had a war, and nobody came?". that's what will happen.

right now, you can only take care of your family and prepare for the worst. it's on the way.

Jack Steiner said...

Of course the fact that Israel is a democracy in which Arabs are elected members of office and participate in everyday life is left off.

Do you understand what you are writing?

Anonymous said...

Iran knows what's coming. They're just waiting for the next 9/11 to be blamed on them.

Anonymous said...


Urgent: Cindy Sheehan conveys that US troops being sent to Kuwait for Iran this September..

I am not in touch with Cindy Sheehan any longer, but she is still in touch with a contact of mine.. She sent him the following email which he forwarded to me... Here it is... I don't know how credible her source is, but it is interesting all the same:

Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 21:23:53 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Mik"

Subject: fw: from Cindy Sheehan

Subject: FYI---URGENT

Just got off the phone with a person.
Got some intel from a person that does contracting at Travis, AFB near Vacaville.
They have some special stuff going on there because George is flying into there Friday.

This contractor says that he heard that all the Charlie companies will be deployed to Kuwait in September to go into Iran.
Just before the elections.

That's all I know, but we are working on getting more info.

Peace...SOON AND NOW!!

U.S. military operations are already underway in Iran (for Israel, of course!):


Pro-Israel lobby (AIPAC and similar) pushing US to bomb Iran like it did with Iraq:


Even Cindy Sheehan wrote that her son died for a PNAC Neocon agenda to benefit Israel:




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