Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The continuing BS from AP

The continuing BS from AP

Christopher Torchia of the AP writes an article saying "the deaths of six U.S. soldiers pushed the American toll beyond the number of victims in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks." The article is given the title "U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Exceeds Sept. 11 Count" and gets widely circulated, reported on AOL for example.

Christopher Torchia writes:

"President Bush has said that the Iraq war is part of the United States' post-Sept. 11 approach to threats abroad. Going on offense against enemies before they could harm Americans meant removing the Taliban from power in Afghanistan, pursuing members of al-Qaida and seeking regime change in Iraq, Bush has said."

What Christopher Torchia fails to mention is that even President Bush has admitted that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

Christopher Torchia also writes:

"Democratic leaders have said the Bush administration has gotten the U.S. bogged down in Iraq when there was no evidence of links to the Sept. 11 attacks"

Christopher Torchia fails to mention that it is not just Democrats that say there was no evidence of links between the Sept. 11 attacks and Iraq.

Newsday's article "U.S. death toll in Iraq exceeds number of deaths on 9/11" uses the same AP crap: "The U.S. military death toll in Iraq has reached 2,974, one more than the number of deaths in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the United States, according to an Associated Press count on Tuesday. ... he deaths raised the number of troops killed to 2,974 since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003. The Sept. 11, 2001, attacks claimed 2,973 victims in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania."

Newsday can't do the responsible thing and point out that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. The way Newsday and others are reporting this milestone continues to push the misconception that attacking Iraq had something to do with responding to the 9/11 attacks.

The Continuing BS from AP and the MSM about Iraq and 9/11

UPDATE: Looks like AP sent out a new article by someone else about the same topic, the increase in deaths, in fact it looks like a replacement article since the link to the old story goes it it. This one says it is written by Lauren Frayer, Associated Press Writer. It has a title that no longer connects Iraq and 9/11: "U.S. soldiers' death toll climbs in Iraq" and Lauren Frayer makes this point: "There has been no direct evidence of links between Saddam's regime and the Sept. 11 attacks" THAT is what should have been said in the original article! By the way, the damage has been done by the original article because TV and other major media ran with the idea that Christopher Torchia's article pushed and they are not doing clarifications on TV. See this talked about in: Journalistic Malpractice: Iraq, 9/11 and US support of Israel


Anonymous said...

Its nice to see the truth out there.

Does this mean that Jeff Fisher and Al Gore will lead our nation?

Anonymous said...

I hope so.

Let me show you something about Jeff Fisher and Al Gore together.

This is loaded with evidence.

The Jeff Fisher FilesAuthor
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The truth shall prevail
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Objet: Re: Jeff Fisher
Cc: "Patrick Fitzgerald" patrick.j.fitzgerald@usdoj.gov, us.marshals@usdoj.gov, OLEC@leo.gov, scott.kraft@latimes.com, andrew@downtownnews.com, Hthomas@hearstdc.com, arnebeck@aol.com, "Bob Nichols" bob.bobnicholsgmail.com, editor @guardianunlimited.co.uk, enquiries@ajicommissioning.net, editor@progressivedailynews.com, earlg@democraticunderground.com, eleanorsmeal@feminist.org, Ivonne.fraga@lavoznewstc.com, ihoffman@angnewspapers.com, matt@gregpalast.com, Mary@vheadline.com, "amin@amin.org" amin@amin.org, politics.editor @guardianunlimited.co.uk, rep.paul @mail.house.gov, rep.shays@mail.house.gov, russ@progressivepatriotsfund.com, sullivan@math.unipd.it, vr_affiliates@velvetrevolution.us, varian@sptimes.com

Gary, I am writing from another computer. Mine is not working anymore. I have no phone Gary. I did apologize when I called, I left that on your answering machine.I even told you it was because I was calling from the west coast. I think what I am doing is a matter of life and death for America.

I am going to the LA Times next week - in person!
I will go see Scott Kraft.The National editor.

Gary I went to Congresswoman's Waters LA office with a scheduled appointment. I walked into Congresswoman's Mckinney's office in Decatur,Georgia last month unannounced and received respect,
honor and compassion. I have a great witness to this also. That man is a greater patriot than most Americans. He is from Pakistan
and wants to work for the FBI. He needs help with some paperwork
and I will get him that help.

I am somehow going to contact Michael Kennedy about my turning over what evidence I already have burned to the disk that I was to present to Congresswoman Maxine Water's office on May 18, 2006. That meeting was arranged the previous day by Mikael, her Chief of Staff.

I have no time for games. I never did. Please send this letter to everyone.

Ms Waters instead on that day had the LAPD called in and hand cuffed me. Then then after a few hours at the police station I was taken to Harbor -UCLA Medical Center under a 5150.

Gary I told the police all about what I am doing and the evidence I have seen, heard and managed to acquire. Gary, that took place from July 27, 2004 all the way up to late October just before the 2004 general election.

What is interesting is that I had received other information regarding Israel and AIPAC participation regarding the 2000 election a few years earlier. That exact information is written in my other letter to the Times also. I never made much of that information until recently when Ms Waters actions against her nation made me the guinea pig.

Gary, I was not fingerprinted, no mugshots, no urine test, I was treated with dignity and respect.

The hospital staff did too. Gary the doctors I showed the CD evidence to also. They were going all over the net researching me. After about 30 hours had gone by, a man who I will not mention, contacted an individual with the CIA and at least one from the FBI to have me released with no questions asked. I learned of this information just a couple of days ago.

The man I am not mentioning can ask me who told me and I will send him the entire transcript if needed. To my team members and that special whistle blower, please send this letter to him. I made a promise to not send any emails to him with anyone elses email addresses on it. I will keep my promise to this great American who Al Gore respects.

I remain true and honest to this man for getting me out of a situation where they would have placed me into a mental institution for being a political dissenter.

Gary research Carol Fischer in Ohio. That is what they planned for me also. In other words, lock up and discredit Fisher and the truth will never be known.

Well I got out and will be placing charges on the Congresswoman for treason also. I will go into full detail with the LA Times on this next week.

I am not of the norm and the same goes for most of my research team except for those that do "intel" work in the United States and elsewhere
around our wonderful planet. I will give the Times the names of those nations too.

The norm never solves the real problems that a nation usually undergo.

MLK,JFK,RFK,Malcom X, Rosa Parks,FDR, Jesus, Moses and
Mohamed were not men who would be classified as "The Norm",
neither am I or my team. Lady Gray was a part of that team in that she did solve VideoTron in less than two days.

Don't ever pull that shrink crap on me. Another whistle blower that I communicate with is getting this letter also. To that person I apologize, I thought that information on the net was well known. I knew about you since 2004. Peter Joyce told me all about you. He had information like you did to. His was from London however. Douglas Alexander and Blair were well aware of it and he had that proof also.

Now Mr. Gary Koniz, do me and your nation a favor.

Please contact everyone and tell them that JEFF FISHER is not going to continue running. You tell the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the Mossad, Bush's people that I have reported on,and the United Kingdoms MI6 (SIS) that I am now going to hand in what I have and continue to find the other information that I had too.

Gary the most important evidence was in the account that was deactivated. Whats worse is that Lady Gray could have stopped it from happening. She knew all about that evidence being in that account. She did not give a real honest effort to stop these other individuals from contacting Yahoo and having that account deactivated.

Getting banned from groups is OK. But to have your account canceled with evidence from 1999 that proved the GORE/BUSH Presidential race was already rigged is another. Lady Gray knew this. Therefore she is impeding her nation by giving aid and comfort to the enemy. That is TREASON.

I will answer Scott Peden questions next week. I will do it on the radio if he likes. Have someone set up an interview with Al Franken or anyone with Air America. Call Geoff Staples at RadioLeft.com and I will do the interview there too Call Mike Malloy too. I have already done two shows with RadioLeft and I spoke as a caller on Mike's show back in 2004 prior to the election.

The price of the interview..... FREE This is the truth.

Gary...You know what I am all about. That is why you followed my campaign with intrigue. This is bigger than any campaign, its about
our Constitution being ripped to shreds.

I have also written another letter to give to the LA Times which is on another disk that needs to be finished. I have no idea if I will have access
to another computer soon. Why don't you and all your contacts put together enough money so I can bu another hard drive.The cost will be about $125. With all your contacts the people could go to the blogsite that I have nothing to do with. Tell them to leave a message on it so they could contact them on where to Western Union these funds. I get the computer working again and I can continue to find the remaining emails that America and the planet want to see.

Its your choice! I believe in America first. Help me rescue the real President of the United States. Albert Arnold Gore Jr. I am including in the cc section the feds.These are there public email addresses. In the bcc will be private ones. They do exist. I am going to testify, take all lie detector tests and any psychological/pharmacological/physical tests they want.


I am not going to get crucified like Jesus.

I am not GOD....I am a man who loves America,Peace,
Equality and Justice for everyone.

An American Patriot Jeff Fisher

On 6/8/06, Gary Koniz greenskeeper6@iwon.com wrote:

Dear Mr. Fisher,

I know you got trouble and need somebody to talk to, but don't call me so late in the night. I go to sleep at 10:00 p.m. and don't wish to be disturbed after that unless it's life or death. O.K.? And please leave me a return number where I can contact you. I need to talk with you a little about what's happening. I do shrink work on the side.


Gary L. Koniz
#815, 9480 Princeton Square Blvd. S.
Jacksonville, FL 32256-8310
(904) 730-2055

--- On Mon 05/15, runningman JF runningmanjf gmail.com wrote:

From: runningman JF mailto: runningmanjf gmail.com
To: greenskeeper6@iwon.com
Date: Sun, 14 May 2006 21:34:07 -0700
Subject: Jeff Fisher

Dear Gary,

I am writing to you while I am in a temporary safehouse. I am the official whistleblower on the real truth behind the election fraud that started back in 1996 all the way through 2004. Going to my ex wife is a bad idea for I am about to press charges on her for attempting to kill me on Thanksgiving Day in 2004.

This is not for the press to know about. You see I am already cooperating with the Special Counsel for the United States Department of Justice. This is an ongoing investigation.

Besides my wife, my last campaign manager is under investigation for endangering my life and the life of an other federal official. I can not elaborate.

You must have the only computer that can not get to the website Mr. Rancour has set up for civilian whistleblowers.

Just so you know on December 8th, 2004 in Washington D.C. about an hour before I spoke on C-span, I had received a very disturbing phone call. There were more than twenty people whose lives were now being threatened, including death, rape and the burning of a church in Fort Pierce, Florida. Gary they were going to rape my daughter.

I left my family for several reasons. The first was to make sure my daughter was not harmed. The rest are of no concern to you or anyone else.

Please don't say go to the the FBI and tell them what has happened. The FBI I did go to in November of 2004 and they in turn informed the Mossad through Division Five. The FBI in Florida is very corrupt and I have information on them relating to the child slavery trade , specifically sexual trade and their connection with several drug cartels that originate out of Western Palm Beach County and Glades County.

Therefore this letter is for your eyes only. The DOJ will be reading this too.

I made a mistake about six weeks ago when I tried to explain to a radio host in Florida what was going on. That person went to the person who is under investigation and informed them of what I had told them not to reveal.

That was costly lesson, a lesson that cost me two broken ribs. Gary, I haven't been in San Fransisco in several months. To tell you the truth in the past
twenty two months I have been in thirty-nine states.

As for the phone calls I want to know when I made them. I have people sending out emails from my account that has been hijacked. I have the DOJ involved in all of my communications. They get blind copied everything.

Do not chastise me. If you want I can have the DOJ show you some of the evidence but then you will have to go into the witness protection act.

Kid Gloves....If you would open your eyes and start reading what I have been doing you would then realize that I am truly fighting for your rights. All of them.

I have been to Florida recently to investigate what FEMA did in Okeechobee, Florida and a break in at the democratic headquarters in Fort Pierce. I also was on the western portion of Florida investigating and providing further proof against Clint Curtis and Katherine Harris.

Why don't you just listen to what Mr. Rancour has written you?

Besides the DOJ, I have sent this letter to three separate attorneys who I have placed my trust with implicitly. I know that they will come forward to present my letters to the DOJ if they are asked.

I have nothing to hide, instead I have been uncovering the largest cover up in modern times.

An American Patriot Jeff Fisher

P.S. This is a Federal Investigation, any release of this information is considered criminal. The First Amendment will not protect you here. This is classified like the Plame case. Bob Novak deserves to be in prison for what he did to Ambassador Joe Wilson's wife. Her job was compromised because of him and yes the information was leaked to him from within the executive branch. That is treason.

That is what a good portion of the election manipulation is all about. Treason but on an international scale.


Anonymous said...

you claim that the gov. was not behind 9/11 but yet you make videos showing the(cover-up) media lying. you still have questions that have not been answered. how and why is this? is not your gov. media, telling you the truth? your belief system wont allow you to see the truth..... ever heard of flase flag operation? operation northwoods? jfk? USS Liberty? MK-Ultra Project? atomic soldiers? just a few for you to grow-on. the truth hurts, like knowing your born to die. its the truth though. *this is not our gov*