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Thomas Friedman is truly one of the most frivolous, dishonest, and morally bankrupt public intellectuals

"Friedman is truly one of the most frivolous, dishonest, and morally bankrupt public intellectuals burdening this country. Yet he is, of course, still today, one of the most universally revered figures around" "the nation's preeminent centrist foreign policy genius." - "The Tom Friedman disease consumes Establishment Washington" is a good article but Glenn Greenwald doesn't mention Friedman's lies serving Israel's agenda.Thomas Friedman

Who is Thomas Friedman?
Here is a comment I posted on Glenn Greenwald's blog:
Thomas Friedman is a very, very, rich man who carelessly harms the little guy and he is a racist against non-Jewish Palestinians. And he has the audacity to lie to the American people about the worst attack against America in history in order to serve Israel's agenda. And he wants those who dare talk about the 9/11 motives identified by the government and put on a State Department list. Here is proof:

"Throughout his journalistic career, Friedman has been married to Ann Bucksbaum -- heiress to a real-estate and shopping-mall fortune now estimated at $2.7 billion. When the couple wed back in 1978, according to The Washingtonian article, Friedman became part of "one of the 100 richest families in the country."" On the Tim Russert show, Friedman admitted "he fervently advocated for a major trade agreement without knowing what was in it." - "It's reasonable to ask whether Friedman -- perhaps the richest journalist in the U.S. -- might be less evangelical for 'globalization' if he hadn't been so wealthy"

On Democracy Now, Amy Goodman exposes Friedman's racism and his call for the State Department to identify those who talk about the terrorists motives. (because he doesn't want the public to know we are attacked mainly over the policy of supporting Israel.)

"New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman has urged the U.S. government to create blacklists of condemned political speech--not only by those who advocate violence, but also by those who believe that U.S. government actions may encourage violent reprisals. The latter group, which Friedman called "just one notch less despicable than the terrorists," includes a majority of Americans, according to recent polls." - A New Blacklist for "Excuse Makers"

Friedman lies about bin Laden's motives. Friedman claims, "the fact is that bin Laden never focused on this issue. He only started talking about "Palestine" after September 11, when he sensed that he might be losing the support of the Arab street. " (p311 of Longitudes & Attitudes ) and " Osama bin Laden never mentioned the Palestinian cause as motivating his actions until he felt he was losing support in the Arab world. " (p361-362 of Longitudes & Attitudes ) What Friedman has written is a flat out lie. To give just one example that disproves what Friedman wrote: "Your position against Muslims in Palestine is despicable and disgraceful. America has no shame. " - Osama bin Laden May 1998

Mainstream media certainly has not made it easy to understand what motivated the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11. Friedman is probably the most powerful writer who deceives the public with Israel propaganda, we must not shy away from pointing this out because Freidman and others are putting our lives at risk.

Israel-Palestine on Record: How the New York Times Misreports Conflict in the Middle East


Anonymous said...

Is Thomas Friedman related to
Steven Friedman founder of the
Likud Party and close friend of

Israel's Likud Party of Netanyahu , Sharon

Here is the Bio on Steven Friedman

Anonymous said...

Israel and the US have a 'special' relationship: you can have the Messiah but we get the land.