Tuesday, July 29, 2008

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Julia Riber Pitt said...

There's no way Israel would attack Iran by itself without the help of the USA. If we can stop the USA from attacking Iran Israel will not.

Anonymous said...

bush is soon gone i think.. hmm
blair is needed Not to be President over EU. stop Haarp, Stop chemtrail in sweden, stop G8,Illuminati,Bilderberg Group. they are rich friends who gonna take over the world, and its nature.trust me you`ll se othervise
// Babylons Robin Hood

Unknown said...

Thanks god some people of USA think logicaly that biggest trouble we have with our foreign policy is blindly support of Israel. If we claim our self the biggest democracy then we should act in that way too. Should listen and solve the problem without being baise.

Forthermore, we should educate ourself more about other relegions not through the media but from true source of that religon's books. Islam is the closest religon to christianity. Even though as I read the quran there are one whole chapter about the marry and birth of christ. Media always take verses out of context to provake more hate rather than harmoney.

However, you are doing great job by presenting true and complete stories to fellow citizens.

May god open our heart and minds.

Anonymous said...

Israel has had nothing but controll over the U..S goverment the way they treat Arabs and Muslims as a whole is dicusting Jews are no better than Hitler

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