Friday, July 04, 2008

WTC7 & the BBC


You have done good work against Israeli crimes but your 9/11 arguments hurt the cause. What you are saying about the BBC and WTC7 makes no sense AT ALL. The reason it was reported that the building collapsed is because the fact that it was expected to collapse had been communicated to many people because firemen were telling people that is exactly what they expected. Someone miscommunicated the "going to collapse" with "had collapsed." No mystery.
Foreknowledge indicates the structural integrity was failing well before the building collapsed. You can read the firemen's statements and see a firemen saying it was going to collapse, so what is the mystery?

You try so hard to dismiss the logical prediction of the collapse that you go to extremely illogical lengths. To argue that secret agents would think it necessary to tell media outlets that they should report that WTC7 had collapsed is so illogical - have you ever tried to think this through? Never in this reality would secret agents ever tell a media outlet that they should report "the building has collapsed." It is mind-numbingly illogical to even think that makes sense! You are suffering cognizant dissidence because you are confronted with the fact that firemen could see the condition of the building and were telling the media that the building was going to collapse and apparently you can't accept what that means. You have emotionally invested in a theory so you concoct an off the wall scenario to explain the fact that it was expected by people that it was going to collapse. You have latched onto something that could only exist in a poorly written comic book with no internal logic, NO ONE EVER would tell a media outlet "report that the building had collapsed." If you don't understand something about what I have written, please tell me what it is. Otherwise can we declare out independence from illogical theories which hurt the cause? Please, this needs to be resolved.



Oren said...

By that same logic, why would the firemen have revealed to the media that wtc7 was going to collapse. Do they not have a responsibility only to the people in the immediate path of danger, and not to media personnel.
Also, how do we explain away the fact that the building's owner is on tape explaining that they decided to 'pull it', a well known controlled demolition term?

Tom said...


"pull it" is NOT a demolition term. And the media interviews firemen and they said they thought it was going to collapse. Look at this video and listen to what this fireman is saying