Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Will Congress listen? IMPEACH NOW! Bush is a Threat to Peace

Will Congress listen? IMPEACH NOW! Bush is a Threat to Peace, PROOF Bush Lied about excuse for Iraq War: 'Saddam didn't let UN weapons inspectors in' is a LIE! See Video

see video
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"United Nations weapons inspectors arrived in Iraq today to re-launch the search for weapons of mass destruction. The findings of the inspectors, led by the chief weapons inspector, Hans Blix, and the director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohammed El Baradei, could determine whether or not Iraq will face the wrath of the US military in the coming months. The arrival of about 30 inspectors who flew into Baghdad from Cyprus marked the first visit by UN arms monitors to Iraq for four years." - November 18, 2002 UN weapons inspectors arrive in Iraq

"A team of 17 United Nations weapons inspectors has arrived in Iraq, supported by a sweeping mandate to search sites that were off limits during seven years of inspections in the 1990s." - November 25, 2002 UN inspectors arrive in Iraq


Anonymous said...

Bush is a disgrace to the great people in this Country!He lead the land of Opportunity into a depression and made people afraid to come to America!He is disgusting and greedy!

Anonymous said...

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Julia Riber Pitt said...

Kucinich is a much-underrated politician. If only he had the democratic nomination...

Anonymous said...

Kucinich is a scoundrel who's only interested in saving the reputation of the Democrats. When the resolution which he had himself submitted was opened to the possibility of a floor debate, Kucinich voted with the other Democrats to block the resolution from coming to the floor. There were actually many Republicans who wanted to bring the Kucinich resolution to the floor because they knew that the Democrats would cave in and vote against the impeachment of Bush if they were forced to choose.

But now you can't seriously attack Pelosi or Conyers for voting against bringing the resolution to the floor, when Kucinich himself votes the same way. All of them favored sending to the House Judiciary Committee and avoiding an open floor debate. Now the only good explanation anyone has been able to offer for why Kucinich would cook up such a resolution and then vote to bury it in the Judiciary Committee is that he was motivated by preserving the credibility of the Democratic Party. If he had argued in favor of bringing to an open debate then this would have shattered the credibility of the other Democrats. But since he voted with Pelosi and Conyers, no one can realistically attack them without also going against Kucinich.

It was a staged show.

Anonymous said...

i feel that kucinich has a lot courage to present this bus has told a lot of un truths and we the people are suffering i have no voice in what they do but i will vote this election and democrate all the way down the ticket we have got to make some changings in our policies we need to come home an fix stuff that's wrong here instead of trying to fix a world who does not need our help

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