Monday, September 27, 2004

Al-Qaeda : The True Story of Radical Islam

Noam Chomsky gives this book a glowing review: "Essential Reading ...The most illuminating study I know ... gives remarkable insight into Islamic Militancy"

I have just started reading the book and it looks good. Here are two examples from the book:cover "Bin Laden and al-Qaeda are the radical, extremist fringe of the broad movement that is modern Islamic militancy. Their grievances are political but articulated in religious terms and with reference to a religious worldview. The movement is rooted in social, economic and political contingencies." pp xxv-xxvi Jason Burke makes this point about bin Laden, " ... his agenda is a basically political one, though it is couched, of course, in religious language and imagery" Al-Qaeda : The True Story of Radical Islam by Jason Burke

Burke is correct and I have pointed this out for years. In fact my comparison to Nat Turner relates to the "religious language and imagery" too. Turner may have been even more "religious" since he claimed that he saw signs that indicated to him he should go about his terrorist activities targeting white men, women and children.

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