Thursday, September 30, 2004

I answered your question, are you willing to even deal with the Nat Turner terrorism question? Did Turner's terrorism mean we could never admit it was about slavery because that would be "blaming America" and we could never end slavery because that would be "giving in to terrorism"?

"Their argument is that you can’t instill democracy in an unwilling country." You are hearing a VERY limited view, I am certainly not saying that. I am saying what the facts reflect, US policy makers don't intend on allowing true democracy in Iraq. 99% of Iraqis didn't think that the U.S invaded to estalish democracy, you should at least be aware of it. You mock the idea of misunderstandings but your notion about installing democracy is really at odds with the facts. Look at the recent actions of the US officials. After the war International law was again violated when US policy makers imposed business laws in Iraq. The US hand picked the leaders and when the new government leaders were selected they violated the agreed upon procedure involving the UN. The US has placed a CIA asset and murderous thug in the Prime Minister position. We have seen this before, look at the early history with the CIA and Saddam. The current leaders could have been selected by polling the Iraqi people as opposed to the US hand picking them. Did this occur to you? US policy makers don't respect democracy as you assume. Wolfowitz openly lamented that the Turkish military didn't use force against their own government to override the will of 95% of the Turks. Looking at these facts is not "self doubt", in your mind you have positioned certain men, like Wolfowitz, above criticism by acting like they are "America" as opposed to being individuals carrying out certain policies of America.

You can't simply reject everything someone says: "If their people do not wish to be harmed inside their very own countries, they should seek to elect governments that are truly representative of them and that can protect their interests." What are you going to argue, that we DON'T elect leaders that are truly representative of us just to spite bin Laden? "The self-doubt leads down so many roads to defeat and cyclical self-hatred that it does not even bear examining too deeply for fear of falling into that dark and bottomless well." This must be how Americans allowed slaver to continue generation after generation in their very midsts. Was it "anti-American" to be against slavery? You haven't responded to the points I have raised. You ignored the Hitler History Lesson

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