Thursday, September 16, 2004

Believe what you like.

so you can't address any of the points I raised? It isn't a question of "believing what I want", I am looking at the facts, are you unwilling to do so? You have blind faith that US policy makers are acting decently and morally. Look at the facts and we see this is not the case.
It is a very extreme thing to disregard 60 years of history and claim that suddenly now the US will act the way it claims.

For YEARS US foreign policy apologists have been insisting that the US does stand up for democracy and doesn't undermine democracy in the world.

For YEARS US foreign policy critics have been trying to explain that the polices did not live up to the claims about being a defender of democracy around the world.

For YEARS these critics have been shouted down as "anti-American" and "blame America firsters".

NOW suddenly with a simple comment the President admits that the last 60 years have been a sham: "Sixty years of Western nations excusing and accommodating the lack of freedom in the Middle East"

And you think we shouldn't stop for a minute and think critically about what these guys say?!? 60 years of hypocrisy of actions. Those actions which all those years was denied.

So they have been deceiving the American people and actually undermining democracy in the Middle East, suddenly they admit it and that is OK with you? You are ready to give them more blind trust? I guess we go back to the pattern of labeling critics as "anti-American" again while never admitting they were actually right all these years?

and with out skipping a beat you accept the "change of course"? That is incredible. Bush's insist that we shouldn't be "dwelling on past wrongs and blaming others", and you accept that?

The direction being taken is the closest to the ideal we can muster.
no it isn't. you didn't explain why the US didn't abide by International LAe and abide by the Hauge Convention (which the US has signed). You didn't deal with the fact that the media hasn't explained this to the public. Being a good American doesn't mean swallowing any story that US politicians say.

You and I certainly lack facts.

You can search for them. The US media is not presenting them but you can find out about many things:
"They clearly violate the international convention governing the behavior of occupying forces, the Hague regulations of 1907 (the companion to the 1949 Geneva conventions, both ratified by the United States), as well as the US army's own code of war."
I'm banking on GB & the Iraqi's to do the right thing. Give the Iraqi's at least an opportunity to self govern. It may take some time. I'll give then time. They've been in the stone-age since the stone-age. Let's give them an opportunity. Sometimes people surprise us.
I'm banking on GB & the Iraqi's to do the right thing.
! we already know that they can't be trusted, there is nothing to wait and see for. They have already proven themselves crooked. There is a point where you can't just play along. This is beyond naive, the facts already pointed out show that the US policy makers are not on the level.

"The trap is the doctrine that I sometimes call the doctrine of change of course. It's a doctrine that's invoked every two or three years in the United States. The content of the doctrine is yes, in the past, we did some wrong things because of our innocence or out of inadvertence, but now that's all over, so we can't not waste any more time on this boring, stale stuff, which incidentally we suppressed and denied while it was happening, but must now be effaced from history as we march forward to a glorious future" zmag

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