Thursday, January 05, 2006

afilsonmartinez, it is always good to try to learn all the facts you can.

The motives also include as I pointed out, interference with the Middle East countries' interior affairs. Note that Al-Qeada's main declaration of war, the 1998 Fatwa, lists three main motives:
1. U.S. occupation of the Arabian Peninsula.
2. U.S. aggression against the Iraqi people.
3. U.S. support of Israel.

You wrote, " and we pretty much gave the jews israel without the consent of the people living there at the time (the muslims). "

Not really. In 1947 the UN made a partition recommendation. In Nov 1947 the UN made a recommendation for a three-way partition of Palestine into a Jewish State, an Arab State and a small internationally administered zone that would have included Jerusalem. This was a recommendation by the UN General Assembly and General Assembly recommendations have no force, they are only recommendations. In fact Israel is the greatest rejecter of General Assembly resolutions by the way. When the recommendation was made, war broke out between the Palestinians and the Zionists who had been planning on taking over and had amassed much more arms. It is the right of the majority, 67% of the population of Palestine which was non-Jewish, to say they don't want their land carved up as the UN had suggested. By May 1948, when the Jews (33%) unilaterally declared "the state of Israel", 300,000 Palestinians had already been ethnically cleansed (forced from their homes or had fled the fighting) by the Zionists and the Zionists had stolen a region well beyond the area of the original Jewish State that was proposed by the UN. Then, after the Zionists had taken control of this much larger part of the region and hundreds of thousands of civilians had been forced out, "Israel" was attacked by some countries but Jordan was working with the Zionist plan (by secret agreement) to prevent a Palestinians state.

You asked, " why did some Muslim groups support the Nazis in WWII?"

As far as I know Haj Amin al-Husseini met with Hitler probably hoping to gain help in opposing the Zionists' agenda. But if you know of "groups" let me know. It is hypocritical of supporters of Israel to point to this considering the proposal made by the Jewish group LEHI. The Jewish organization LEHI (Stern Group) went so far as to offer itself to Hitler in 1941 as a local agency to support the Nazis. Not an insignificant group. Yitzhak Shamir, later Prime Minister, was one of its leaders. This Jewish Zionist group's proposal of January 1941 expressed sympathy for the "German conception" of a "New Order in Europe" and offered to cooperate in the formation of a Jewish state "on a national and totalitarian basis, which will establish relations with the German Reich" and protect Nazi interests in the Middle East. see p95 Fateful Triangle

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