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The political agenda that U.S. policy makers impose upon the Middle East has to do with power. If you really want to understand the political system in American then I suggest you ignore the terms "liberal" and conservative". They really do not mean much when we are talking about the brutal foreign policies.

For example, we don't sit around wondering if the Mob is "liberal" or "conservative", the mobsters simply want what they want and they break heads to get it.

You will never understand what is happening if you try to pigeon hole people into categories of "liberal" or "conservative". How are these thing even being measured, what do these terms actually mean? Clinton is guilty of enormous crimes too, like the continued backing of Israel. There is a continuity of the foreign policies from one Administration to the next. the recent Presidents all ignored the stated goal of the sanctions and said they would stay in place until Saddam was gone (thus undermining the whole intention of the sanctions)

If you really want to understand the political system in American then I suggest you visit Chomksy gives the analysis that you are looking for. Use this page: type the word or words of the topic you are searching and put in the domain field

Here Chomsky exposes some actions Clinton and Bush are guilty of:

The US continues to "enhance terror" by providing Israel with the means for terror and destruction, including a new shipment of the most advanced helicopters in the US arsenal. These are standard reactions to atrocities by a client regime. To cite one instructive example, in the first days of the current Intifada, Israel used US helicopters to attack civilian targets, killing 10 Palestinians and wounding 35, hardly in "self-defense." Clinton responded with an agreement for "the largest purchase of military helicopters by the Israeli Air Force in a decade" (Ha'aretz, 3 October, '01), along with spare parts for Apache attack helicopters. The press helped out by refusing to report the facts. A few weeks later, Israel began to use US helicopters for assassinations as well. One of the first acts of the Bush administration was to send Apache Longbow helicopters, the most murderous available. That received some marginal notice under business news.
(notice it was not reported in the mainstream media for the general public)

Remember these Presidents turn a blind eye to the continued expansion of the illegal settlements in the occupied territories. (and the mainstream media basically refuses to report that the settlements are illegal) Here is something that happened in August 2005 when I confronted a reporter named N.J. Burkett. I was in the lobby of WABC-TV in NY and I overhear a guy saying, "I just got back from Gaza!" gleefully to N.J. Burkett.

I couldn't resist confronting these bastards. I walked over and I asked, "How come you never report that the Israeli settlements in the occupied territories are illegal?"

"Everyone knows the settlements are illegal," Burkett say to me. "No they don't," I said. Burkett says, "Sure, it is common knowledge just as there are 10 Amendments in the Bill of Rights."

These guys are such miserable dishonest bastards. These sick minds must concoct lame excuses for not reporting BASIC important facts to the public. "The BBC must be crazy then," I pointed out because they report that the Israeli settlements are illegal. "The BBC manages to report this basic fact to their audience," I said, demolishing Burkett's asinine argument. "Your network doesn't report it, why do American TV networks refuse to report it?" I demanded.

Searching for an excuse why ABC is not reporting basic facts to the American people, the first guy tried, "Americans don't care." Burkett leaves at this point. These guys are such vulgar betrayers of the public trust.

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