Tuesday, January 17, 2006

You wrote, "Dude, you sure know your 20th century history. How about 15th, 5th, or how about 2500 years ago. It's a much bigger picture than you wish to paint and goes back far future than your WWI time period. So understand it all. Not just your canvas."

I know the history. Today I expect all people to live with equal rights. If there are actually Jews in Israel that justify the Jewish supremacist system with concerns of "safety" then they are more than welcome to come here to AMerica where they will be perfectly safe but of course required to respect the equal rights of non-Jews. The Israeli system of injustice must end, it is unfair to even more than just the Palestinians, it is extremely unfair to do to the American people who don't want injustices forced upon people. It is unfair to those Americans that speak out for justice. It is unfair to people like Alison Weir, founder and Executive Director of If Americans. She doesn't deserve to receive death threats. It is unfair to me, I don't deserve to be cursed, to have lit matches thrown at my face, to receive threats by email, to have one of my web sites hacked, to have my flyers ripped down. None of this is justice. People in positions to get the truth out need to start doing so. People like Jon Stewart.

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