Sunday, February 05, 2006

Dale Franks comments on Khaled Meshaal's article. Khaled Meshaal wrote, "We shall never recognize the right of any power to rob us of our land and deny us our national rights. We shall never recognize the legitimacy of a Zionist state created on our soil in order to atone for somebody else's sins or solve somebody else's problem. But if you are willing to accept the principle of a long-term truce, we are prepared to negotiate the terms. Hamas is extending a hand of peace to those who are truly interested in a peace based on justice."

Dale Franks thinks this is "cognitive dissonance"


People deserve to have equal rights regardless of what religion they are. Do you not realize that the Zionists set up a JEWISH state and not a democratic state? Why do you think it is OK for a minority of a population to ethnically cleanse hundreds of thousands of people because of their religion? This is exactly what the Zionists did to non-Jews in Palestine!

The misleading story often told is that "Jews declared Israel and then they were attacked." The fact is, from November 1947 to May 1948 the Zionists were already on the offensive and had already attacked Arabs. In the months before Israel was declared, the Zionists had driven 300,000 non-Jews off their land. In the months before Israel was declared, the Zionists had seized land beyond the proposed Jewish State.

The fact is, Jews were only 33% of the population of Palestine in 1947. Why in the world would you think it is legitimate for Zionist Jews, who were less than 33% of a population, to seize land and carve up the land into 7 parts? Why in the world should 67% of a population ever accept that? These population stats, which highlight just how undemocratic the UN proposal really was, are almost never mentioned in US media.

Do you think it would be OK to change the U.S. into a "WHITE State"?

Do you know that the U.S. is more white than Israel is Jewish? Why do you think it is OK to discriminate against 20% of Israel's population just because they are not Jews? It would be no more legitimate for white Americans to declare America a "White State" than it is for Jews to declare Israel a "Jewish State."

Ending the Jewish supremacist system is considered "Israel ceasing to exist". Not that ending the supremacist system will lead to "Israel ceasing to exist" but that ending the supremacist system would be by definition "ending Israel". Zionists consider the racist foundation to be an essential characteristic of Israel. It would not be Israel if all citizens had equal rights. What this means is that a non-Jew cannot call for equal rights without being accused of calling for the "destruction of Israel". What isn't told is that ending the discrimination means that Israel ends since Israel is a system of discrimination. To end the discrimination means to end Israel.

Israeli Arabs not only don't have equal rights but the majority of Israeli Jews don't even think they should have equal rights. More than half the Jewish population of Israel - 53 percent - is opposed to full equal rights for Israeli Arabs, according to a survey conducted last month by the Israel Democracy Institute.

What would we think of whites in America who insist that Blacks should not have equal rights? You need to open your eyes to the reality of what Israel actually is. Allowing ALL people, regardless of their religion, to have equal rights means the end of Israel because Israel is a system that denies full equal rights to all people.

The root problem of the Israel and Palestine conflict is that the Jews running Israel are unwilling to allow non-Jews to have equal rights. That is the fundamental problem and cause of the conflict.

This concept “right to exist” was in fact invented, as far as I can tell, in the 1970s when there was general international agreement, including the Arab states and the PLO, that Israel should have the rights of every state in the international system. And therefore, in an effort to prevent negotiations and a diplomatic settlement, the U.S. and Israel insisted on raising the barrier to something that nobody’s going to accept. Certainly, the Palestinians can’t accept it. They’re not going to accept Israel’s existence but also the legitimacy of its existence and the legitimacy of their dispossession. Why should they accept that? Why should anyone accept it?

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