Thursday, February 02, 2006

"If the public read too much into those links and thought Saddam had a hand in September 11, so much the better." "

"As Why We Fight shows, Wilton Sekzer was stunned when—many months after the invasion—George Bush explicitly said there was no evidence Iraq was involved in 9/11. He felt duped and betrayed. And now not only is his son gone, so is any faith he had in the U.S. government." -I wish THIS was in “Why We Fight

The manipulative and dishonest political war against the American public is waged by politicians serving special interests at the expense of the general public. These guys are willing to lie to us about life and death issues.

I think many people overlook the significance of the big lie that Bush told about 9/11, the lie that al-Qeada attacks us because of our freedoms when the truth is al-Qeada attacked because of specific foreign policies which they want the the U.S. government to stop.

Bush’s lie basically cons many Americans into risking their lives and not knowing why. This is an enormous crime against the American people, I don’t think this fact is given the attention it deserves. Bush’s lie is a disgusting attempt to serve the special agendas that want the specific foreign policies to continue. Bush’s lie prolongs and exacerbates the threat of terrorism against all of us. We need to start mentioning this big lie and not fixate just on the Iraq war. Bush Lied to the American People about 9/11 Terrorists’ Motives

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