Thursday, February 09, 2006

odgersm wrote, "He isn't thick he just does not subscribe to all of the conspiracy theories that you do."

It isn't a "conspiracy theory" in fact, the Iran example as I have said, is publicly AND OFFICIALLY admitted to from the State Department. This public admission was not the sole decision of Albright, I don't think you have a handle on how these things work in our government.

odgersm wrote, "Dr Mossadegh did not just simply wish to Nationalize their Oil resources they seized the Angolo-Iranian Oil company and all of its assets. Would it be acceptable to just seize Toyota Or Honda America? "

That isn't correct. "Mossadegh was elected prime minister by a large majority of Parliament ... As the prime minister had anticipated, the British did not take the nationalization gracefully, though it was supported unanimously by the Iranian parliament and by the overwhelming majority of the Iranian people for reasons of both economic justice and national pride. The Mossadegh government tried to do all the right things to placate the British: It offered to set aside 25 percent of the net profits of the oil operation as compensation; it guaranteed the safety and the jobs of the British employees; it was willing to sell its oil without disturbance to the tidy control system so dear to the hearts of the international oil giants. But the British would have none of it. What they wanted was their oil company back. And they wanted Mossadegh's head. A servant does not affront his lord with impunity."

What U.S. policy makers did was a crime. You are making excuses for imperialists. Remember the British had invested in the American colonies and didn't like America's Independence.

And it is indicative of a very serious problem when odgersm writes, "And it doesn't matter this was a long time ago and this can not be compared to today. "

That doesn't cut it at all. You need to stop and examine what you are doing, you are making rationalizations just because you have this warped concept of what "America" is and what you are supposed to blindly support. You need to take a step back, your are trying way too hard to twist things in your head to justify actions just because you associate them with "AMerica"

THese policies were wrong and were pushed by men who betrayed the American people and by cowards who were to afraid to stand up and put a stop to it. In the case of the crime agisnt Iran, the CIA man Kermit (Kim) Roosevelt wrote, "In fact, I was morally certain that almost half of those present, if they had felt free or had the courage to speak, would have opposed the undertaking."

For you to say that examples like these don't not matter because they were "a long time ago" shows a very serious problem with your thinking. Step back and look at the situation, stop leaping to make excuses for men that violate basic principles of justice.

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