Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Wrongs (not simply the errors) of U.S. Foreign Policies Must be Stopped

There are serious wrongs that are taking place as a result of specific foreign policies. The closest I have seen mainstream TV get to explaining the truth was when ABC's Chris Bury reported: "The US support of Israel tops the list of objections to American foreign policy. Indeed, some of the political grievances outlined by radicals, including Osama bin Laden, are shared even by a mainstream public that detests his murderous methods. In this view the US is not hated for the freedoms we enjoy, as the President suggested, but instead is seen as being hypocritical about them."

You can see ABC's or Chris Bury's reluctance to report the truth straight out when the report called the truth a "view" and it downplayed the President lying about why we were attacked by describing it as "the President suggested."

I have not seen any mainstream reporters with the backbone to say that the foreign policies are hypocritical as opposed to "seen as being hypocritical."

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