Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bush "didn't want to scare the children"!

Bush didn't want to scare the children?!?

"My problem with the conspiracy theories is that don't you think they would have had Bush doing something other than reading "My Pet Goat" and disappearing for the rest of the day? If they had planned it, they would have had him out right away looking Presidential"

I think the same thing. Bush's absolutely horrible performance that day shows that this was not an "inside job." Bush was caught off guard and his inaction, just sitting there for at least 5 minuets and then hanging around for perhaps a total of 20 minutes, was just pathetic. He really blew it, it if had been planed they would make the man look like a total jackass. After the first plane hit the WTC, Bush continued with his plan to go to a children's classroom where he read a book about a pet goat. That is not a leader. After being told about the second plane hitting the WTC, Bush continued to sit in the children's classroom listening to a book about a pet goat. That is not a leader. He just sat there when we were under attack. He sat there for at least 6 minutes and by some reports 11 minutes. That really looked bad. A real President excuses himself from the room. Apologists came up with the excuse that he didn't want to frighten the children so that is why he just continued sitting there after being told about a 2nd plane hitting the WTC! The thing no one points out is that before he left the school he scared those children ANYWAY by saying we were under terrorist attack RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE SAME CHILDREN! The whole performance was pathetic, was 9/11 planed to make Bush look really bad? I think not.

Bin Laden even pointed out how pathetic Bush's performance was. (how the hell could that be part of an "inside job"?) "Bin Laden sharply criticized President Bush for his behavior on the morning of September 11, 2001, when the president was reading "My Pet Goat" to a group of schoolchildren in Florida at the time he was informed of the attacks. "It never occurred that the highest leader of the military armed forces would leave 50,000 people to face the horror that they faced all by themselves when they needed him most," bin Laden said, "He was more interested in listening to the child's story about the goat rather than worry about what was happening to the towers. So, that gave us double the time for us to execute our attacks." - Bin Laden criticizes Bush

There are physical proofs that it was not a "controlled demolition".

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