Friday, June 23, 2006

Zionists use the same tired underhanded tactic


You resort to the tired underhanded tactic of writing something like "It does not legitimize the atrocities." I never said that anything legitimized atrocities. and I never inferred that anything legitimized atrocities.

First you post misinformation and now you are using the underhanded tactic of trying to paint me as someone who "legitimizes the atrocities." Must we Americans be constantly subjected to these manipulative games by those seeking to entrap us into continuing these horribly unjust policies?

My "style of argument" was crystal clear: stop telling lies about the situation. You tried to get away with telling us that the situation is "grey, grey, grey." It is not. My "style of argument" was to list the facts that make it clear that an aggressor has imposed tremendous wrongs on people because they are not the favored religion.

You couldn't be bothered to learn what the history actually is? Don't further mischaracterize what the situation is. I looked over what I posted and the links I posted. I provided a good deal of information, enough information that you should not be mischaracterizing what I am saying and what the situation is.

A majority of the American people support a Palestinian state. So first thing that should be done is to reword the description of this topic. The American people have a right to know what the situation is. This is something that Unity08 could accomplish. To sit back and allow the current deceptions to harm the American people is outrageous. No underhanded tactic can be allowed to stop us from spreading the truth and ending this situation. No dirty attempt to sabotage the discussion should be allowed to succeed, this issue is too important.

"The facts are, for 35 years, there has been a harsh, brutal, military operation. There has not been a political settlement. The reason that there has not been a political settlement is the United States, unilaterally, has blocked it for 25 years."

"There is a political settlement that has been supported by virtually the entire world, including the Arab states, the PLO, Europe, Eastern Europe, Canada and was also supported by the majority of the American people"

"For 25 years, the United States has blocked the political settlement, which is supported by the majority of the American population and by the entire world, except for Israel."

The U.S. government keeps vetoing a political settlement and it keeps violating the Geneva convention. This issue can be solved, this must be an issue. We can't let people manipulate us in these forums to keep the lies going. Since most people agree with a political settlement, this should be part of our platform.

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