Tuesday, June 13, 2006

the fact that there were warnings debunks "inside job"

Someone argued, " no lay people - highly skilled/educated or otherwise- suspected anything like 9-11 would happen"

Completely untrue. I was dreading some sort of attack because of the foreign policies were continuing. The policies of supporting Israel and other oppressive regimes in the Middle East. The WTC has already been hit once (bombed by Ramsi Yousef) and Bin Laden had been on TV saying that Yousef would be a model. Bin Laden had declared war on the U.S. for such things as supporting Israel, troops in the Saudi Peninsula, and the sanctions against Iraqis. There were warnings about an attack. THERE WOULD NOT BE WARNINGS IF IT WAS AN "INSIDE JOB!" THINK about it!

Why would they make themselves look bad as ignoring warnings of an impending attack? So it doesn't makes sense for them to have created the warnings. And if they didn't create them, then the warnings were based on information that was gathered. This being the case, they (the theoretical "Inside Job" team) wouldn't know what info had been compromised and what had not. If parts of our government were actually learning of an impending attack, it would be pure madness for a "inside job" crew to CONTINUE with their planned attack given the fact that plans of it were already leaking! They wouldn't know if the supposed connections between the "inside job" team and the "al-qeada" operatives would be revealed too. Think about it. The very fact that there were warnings means it couldn't be an "inside job".

And for God sakes, if an "Inside Job" team were planning it to justify an invasion of Iraq, wouldn't they make at least one of the hijackers be an Iraqi? Instead the Bush team was insinuating a connection between 9/11 and Iraq. Why wouldn't they manufacture one if they are supposedly manufacturing a massive attack?

and of course: WTC Pre-Collapse Bowing Debunks 9/11 Controlled Demolition Theory

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