Wednesday, March 26, 2008

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Bryan, no, Saddam may have wanted Iran to think he had WMD AT SOME POINT BUT the fact is he tried through declarations to make it clear he did not have them when it was clear the US was going to use it as an excuse to attack him.

I saw the same CBS report claiming that he didn't say he didn't have WMD, the reporter is DISHONEST. the fact is Saddam kept saying he didn't have them.

And the inspectors BEFORE the war were in Iraq saying that the intelligence was garbage and they were finding nothing. Remember, Saddam let the inspectors in before the war.

Saddam had said Bush would be shown to be a liar. Saddam even reportedly offered to leave Iraq if we allowed him to leave with money.

Jonathan, great work, I started reading and was happy to see you said what I was going to point out.

It is amazing what assholes people like McArdle are. I have been through the same kind of thing where you try to reason with these shits and they refuse to engage you honestly or at all.

Also, the war was illegal and was illegal even if Saddam did have WMD. The whole thing is so obviously a pretense, it makes no sense.

Elites are going to get more people killed if we don't stop them. Everyone, please subscribe to my channel on YouTube. We need to scrape and claw our way out of this mess. I talk about these kinds of things and I need greater visibility and power to make a difference.

BTW, before the war, I begged the media to report the fact that Bush's planned war was illegal. THEY REFUSED. For example, I actually corresponded with a reporter from Newsday who at first tried to play it off as if he was making it clear that the war was illegal. I pointed out that he wasn't and that would he please do so. He then sent me an e-mail saying he would. The next day he sent me another e-mail saying his editor wouldn't let him.

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