Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Justin A. Martell

So Justin has time to debate yet he claims he "really doesn't have time" to answer even one question that I asked him. Here is my e-mail to Justin.

This is his e-mail to me in response to my e-mail:
("RE: I am making a video response to you" e-mail sent on 11/4/07)


First of all, am I really worth devoting your time and energy to make a video response? Second, I didn't really read the message you sent me because a couple sentences in you started going into the Zionist stuff. Sorry, while I think elements of Israeli intelligence were involved, I don't subscribe to much of that.* [*NOTE THAT Justin gets this wrong, I say nothing about "Israeli intelligence" being involved. He apparently makes the assumption that I argue that because of a comment posted by someone else. Justin doesn't pay attention to details and simply goes off on tangents.] Third, I also don't appreciate you posting the email that you sent me on your website. It's disingenuous to post that without telling me, rude, and certainly not an example of good journalism ethics. Lastly, I don't really have time to engage you. For a refutation of ALL of your claims please refer to the chapter on the NIST report and Popular Mechanics in Griffin's Debunking 9/11 Debunking.


Justin A. Martell
Scholars For 9/11 Truth (SM)
Founder - Student Scholars For 9/11 Truth


Anonymous said...

To Tom:

1) Justin may well have misread what you wrote. Misunderstandings happen all the time, everywhere, not just in the 9/11 Truth movement.

2) It's unreasonable to expect political activists to be interested in debates via private email in the first place. (See my blog post Email debates, and more about Mark Roberts, including the P.S.'s.)

3) It really is rude to make someone's private email public without permission.

4) For both of reasons #2 and #3 above, I would suggest making all debate public from the beginning. Use your own blog as a place to critique other people's public writings, then notify the author via email, or via a blog comment, about your blog post. I would suggest that you also post comments on other people's blogs (while respecting their comment policies, if any, of course).

Tom said...

Diane, my message to him wasn't a debate. I originally e-mailed him about a specific point an he refused to give me a response.