Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mark of Benzene 4

"If I favor a policy that puts a certain class of people out of a job, does that make me against those people? If I could wave a wand and cut crime in half, would that make me anti-police because we wouldn't need as many of them now?"

Of course not Mark and you shouldn't even have to explain that. Cal's question was uncalled for, it was a loaded question and out of line.

"Others have other ways of finding their identity." I think you are being far to charitable towards people who use manipulative rhetoric and unfair tactics which serve to perpetuate outrageous foreign polices. Seems you are going out of your way to be reasonable and your reward is to be disrespected with a loaded question which is NOT reasonable. Others may feel so compelled to "defend their identity" that they resort to intellectual dishonesty.

Mark, we communicated a while ago, about three and a half years ago, about your comments on The Sorrows of Empire : Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic where you wrote, "the empirical evidence shows that protectionism works, at least in the early stages of a nation's economic development. I'd be very interested to know how free-trade enthusiasts -- real or fake -- answer this argument."

I have to look to see if I can find our communication in old Haloscan comments because I can't find our comments now, I think it has to do with my switch to blogger comments.

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