Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jack, thank you for your support but I should point out that I don't share your opinion that "911 attacks were set up by the u.s. government." I don't think you have viewed my videos about 9/11 or my blog posts about 9/11. I've been working hard to get the truth out that 9/11 WASN'T "set up by the u.s. government."


Anonymous said...

well everyone is entitled to your opinion. but how can you have such opinions..hence the name of the hundreds of videos"911 Coincidences" I do however agree with some of your thoughts and views of zionism, but dont change the subject that the 911 attacks were infact set up and/or aided in the destruction of the two towers, staged by president bush and his organization as a "False Flagg" as hitler did with his reichstagg fire in berlin. It is clear that he did this to put fear into the american people so he could use that fear as an excuse to invade iraq for the future demand and conrol of oil distribution.

There is no evidence at all, not even 1 peice of proof that links alqueada and osama bin laden to the terrorist attacks, so why iraq i ask you..

People need to climb out of their shell, and at least acknowledge that these videos were fake.

And do you really think that Bush and cheney and this facist group would walk away from power so easily...why have they built concentration camps(600 of them) or "dentention centres" all across the united states costing them over 30 billion dollars in the last 5 years.

Do you even know about the Patriot act and how powerful and top secret FEMA organization has become. They have more authority than the CIA and the FBI. How is this possible. Because This company is funded by haliburton, which is single-handedly controlled by dick cheney, the vice president.

The patriot act states that in case of a national emergency such as a national disaster or terrorist strike against the U.S., they can suspend the constution of rights!!!, and suspend elections for as long a period as the president chooses.

What makes you so sure that there isnt going to be another 911, which would fully give FEMA and president bush the right to do this. Why would FEMA alone be builing all these camps if they were not planning such events.(Because obviously they did not build over 600 camps "just incase")

Seriously!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA, or what you saw in the 1930's and 40's will happen again, accept this time you wont even know about it and it will be too late when you do.

Anonymous said...

Well you do a very bad job getting your message out that 911 wasn't set up by the us..Because they did...what about your bush-bin laden connections video, your fake 911 videos, your true story of radical islam, cia leak, or bush administration fraud video, the truth video, your "false flagg part nintenn video, and many more...If this isnt one of your messages, than I will do a hell of a lot more thrying to get this message out to people all over the world, because i thought you were more intelligent than this...m aybe you are getting payed my the U.S. govt. to stop. that could be possible am i right.. Anyways i wont get into that, but i agree with most of your ideals and messages, but if you think for one second that the bush administration had nothing to do with the "911 terror attacks" than I will do everything in my power to oppose this message, beacuase anyone who is not being payed to, or anyone who even follows this stuff for even one day, would or should think otherwise..thank you and have a good day...i will still support your group and advertise for you guys
thanks for your time