Monday, March 29, 2004

chris writes: "The omission by the poster doesn't really change the context of which Kerry made these assertions in '71.  Additionally, these assertions have since been disproven"

The omission very much changes the context. The actaul quotes reveals that it is others who are saying these things happened an not Kerry.
As far as the assertions, they happen to be true. why do you say they are not?

An earlier investigation had been closed in 1975, even though it had established that members of the unit had committed war crimes.

Soldiers told the newspaper they had severed ears from the dead, stringing them on shoelaces to wear around their necks, and had dropped grenades into bunkers where children and women were taking refuge.( THEY ADMITTED THIS TO THE NEEWSPAPER JUST LAST YEAR!!)
But a Pentagon statement said the case was more than 30 years old and there was no new or compelling evidence to justify reopening it. BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | US shuns Vietnam war claims

An official investigation, which was opened in 1971 at the instigation of an outraged soldier, found evidence of 20 war crimes, said the spokesman, Joe Burlas.
The allegations included murder, rape, mutilation and failure to report a war crime. But commanders concluded there was insufficient evidence to try the case successfully before a court martial, and the investigation was closed in 1975 with no charges made, Mr Burlas said.

The US Army has defended its decision to drop investigations more than 30 years ago into war-crimes allegations that its soldiers killed and mutilated civilians during the Vietnam War.
A spokesman, however, said the army was looking into statements by veterans of the unit who were quoted over the weekend by the Toledo Blade, an Ohio newspaper, as admitting having killed civilians.Vietnam war-crimes probe resurfaces -
War Crimes

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