Friday, March 26, 2004

When you assume someone is saying that attacking civilians is justified, THAT is insulting. I spelled this out for you: when the FBI or police give the motives for a crime, are they "justifying it"? YOu wouldn't play that game with them, don't play it with me.

I spelled it out to you: there is such thing as two wrongs.
NAt Turner killing the civilians, including the women and children was wrong. AND slavery was wrong too. Get it? TWO WRONGS.

you wrote, "Your website is heavy on emphasizing American support for Israel as a primary motivation for bin Laden's call for jihad. On one hand, you characterize my pointing this out as " insulting." Then you proceed to trot out a Zionist quote which demonstrates a healthy contempt for Israel and the Jewish race. Where is the insult?"

I list all the motives. A "contempt for the Jewish race," is Zionism the "Jewish race," you really need to go to bed, you sound like a total fanatic. Zionism is not the "Jewsih race." Research the history of Zionism from the killing of Jews by Zionists because they dared speak out against Zionism to the ethnic cleansings and killings. Racism is wrong, even if it is Jews doing it. Not a difficult concept but since you can't grasp the other ideas I have been spelling out for you I can see why you don't get it.

You wrote, "To suggest that Bush is lying as to why the U.S. has been targeted by bin Laden is an abuse of the word " lie.""

Really? We were attacked because of specific foreign policies, but Bush said it was because we are "the brightest beacon of freedom and opportunity in the world." THAT is a lie.

You wrote, "You conveniently choose to ignore the fact that bin Laden has cited the presence of American troops in Saudi Arabia (and thereby desecrating Islamic holy places) as his primary reason for coming after the U.S."

No, you are not reading the info I posted. I clearly list all the motives: "the reality is that we are striking them because of their evil and injustice in the whole of the Islamic World, especially in Iraq and Palestine and their occupation of the Land of the Two Holy Sanctuaries." In my article about Bush's lie I list the motives "Opposition to U.S. military forces in the Persian gulf area, most notably Saudi Arabia, U.S. support of corrupt Middle Eastern countries, U.S. support for Israel's brutal occupation and the ongoing assault on civilians in Iraq."

More inaccuracies from you. The point was Hanson acted like the motive about Israel didn't exist (remember he wrote that "have met bin Laden's original 1998 demands " YET those demands included Israel and Hanson didn't mention it and knows that that demand has not been met!)

The motives bin Laden has stated has been mentioned rarely in mainstream media and a false impression is put forth. It has never been pointed out that Bush lied. I have talked to too many people who insist that it isn't foreign polices but rather "our freedoms" that are what motivates the terrorists to attack us. It also has been insinuated by some and insisted out right by others that it is "anti-Semitic" to say that hatred of US support for Israel a motive!!

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