Monday, March 29, 2004

Mike writes "I see you chose not to attempt a rebuttal of my quote from the fatwa which absolves the Muslim rulers in the Middle East of complicity with the Americans, even though it directly contradicts you."

No Mike, you don't understand what a puppet government is. That is what Osama bin Laden says of Saudi Arabia for example.

Mike pathetically tries to claim I "lied" because my main point is that Bush lied about 9/11 motives. What does a five year old do? Simply turn it around and accuse the messenger of the same thing.

Here is the pathetic argument he refers to: "Bin Laden contradicts you Tom. He doesn't claim the U.S. is propping up corrupt puppet states. No, he argues the rulers are opposed to the U.S., but helpless to resist them. Tom, I think you “ lied. "

Mike a puppet is helpless to resist the puppeteer. Saying a government is helpless from the US is not a contradiction with the idea that it is a corrupt puppet government. You don't have a grasp of basics and you are trying desperately to contradict me. You are acting like a child.

What bin Laden says does not contradict what I have written and it doesn't contradict what is said in the 1998 fatwa. Here he explains the same idea in an interview the same year as the fatwa: "The call to wage war against America was made because America has spear-headed the crusade against the Islamic nation, sending tens of thousands of its troops to the land of the two Holy Mosques over and above its meddling in its affairs and its politics, and its support of the oppressive, corrupt and tyrannical regime that is in control." usama interview john miller abc

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