Sunday, March 28, 2004

[The question is: Can Tom Murphy actually repond to this, or will he avoid answering again?]-Steve

Steve, you are the one that said " I really don't care what you say."

As far as Bush's lie and what the motives are, other readers can see that I pointed out in a previous post that I have already quoted from SEVERAL sources and I have provided links to my articles.

Here is a quote in which bin Laden addresses Bush's lies:

"... the Mujahideen saw the black gang of thugs in the White House hiding the Truth, and their stupid and foolish leader, who is elected and supported by his people, denying reality and proclaiming that we (the Mujahideen) were striking them because we were jealous of them (the Americans), whereas the reality is that we are striking them because of their evil and injustice in the whole of the Islamic World, especially in Iraq and Palestine and their occupation of the Land of the Two Holy Sanctuaries." -Osama Bin Laden , February 14 , 2003

The motives been made clear for years. Bush and other lie in order to serve special interests that prefer the public don't focus on the specific foreign policies for which they are targets.

Basic freedom means the right to know why you are in harm's way and not to be lied to about matters of life and death.

[Stated motivations don't matter with crimes like those committed by the 9/11 terrorists. Deliberately targeting civilian for slaughter on such a massive scale shows that the terrorists' cause has gone beyond reason. Groups that display this kind of nihilism can't be negotiated with.] -Steve

that is garbage. First of all, there were three symbolic targets. Clearly the intent was not simply to kill civilians but rather to hit these targets. You don't hit THE SYMBOL of US MILITARY POWER if you simply want to kill civilians. US policy makers would call the civilians "collateral damage"
As far as actually targeting civilians, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were on a massive scale. When the terrorists attacked, it did not make our foreign polices just.

The bottom line is there is no right to continue unjust polices even if a small handful of people has responded to them in a way you don't like. By your rational we could never have ended slavery since Nat Turner and others killed all those civilians.

There are other people involved and it is evil to insist that you have a right to continue unjust polices because some terrorists responded to them. Continuing the unjust polices continues to wrong people and to drive others to do things like acts of terrorism.

You clearly want specific foreign policies to continue AND THAT WAS WHY BUSH LIED: To rob the American people of the chance to decide for themselves if they want to continue to be put in harm's way because of these policies.

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